Monthly Archive: June 2013

Accountability is a Skill, not a Value

If someone says they will do something and they don’t, then the result can be a lot of hurt. If you think of any time you’ve been hurt, I’m sure it was when your expectation was not met. If you have an organization made up of people who do not do what they say they […]

Playing Big Can Look Small

I’ve seen it time and again… the desire for growth can kill a company. Friendster was set to take over the world. It was based on a simple concept – rather than online dating, people could meet each other through friends of friends. It became the first major social network, and now it’s all but […]

Branson on Thinking Big

Branson on Thinking Big In this article, Richard Branson says everything comes down to two things: Culture and Service. “We had accidentally stumbled on the core elements of a culture dedicated to delivering great customer service! It turned out that people who work in a friendly environment that is tolerant of mistakes, and who are […]