Monthly Archive: October 2014

The quick culture diagnostic

Sure you can do assessments, polling the whole organization, tracking it over time. But there’s a quick test you can use to determine if you’re in a company with a strong culture. When people speak about the the company, do they use the word “we” or do they use the word “they?” When it’s “we,” clearly […]

The Epic CEO Hack (or, the cheapest innovation tool)

An innovation hack is an action that is “low input, high output.” That means it takes very little investment, but the gains are tremendous. I watch for the hacks of effective CEO’s and this one is shared by both the late Steve Jobs and Tony Hsieh. Innovation Hack: Walks. Yes. That simple. They go for […]

3 Steps to a Culture Change

Here are the three key steps to any culture change. 1. Are you sure you have the right people? If not, either lose the ones that must go, or fully commit to who you have. 2. Do you have clear expectations? Do people understand what constitutes a fireable offense? What is required and what is optional? […]