Monthly Archive: January 2015

The Culture Blueprint is LIVE (with bonuses)

In my last post, I shared how Amazon pulled my book due to an error, and all my customers’ pre-orders were cancelled. I was in a state of shock all day, until I realized how awesome it was… I could sell it directly to customers (with bonuses!). And here it is – The Culture Blueprint. […]


I’m really surprised that “culture” is the word of the year, and not “awkward.” Maybe I’m just seeing it everywhere because I feel like I’m getting a master’s degree in awkward right now, and it hit a crescendo yesterday. More on that in a moment. I’ve actually taken a class on it. No joke. It […]

Reducing stress, increasing revenue

“What?! There is absolutely NO way.” This was my answer to the question, “Do you have ADD?” I could not have Adult ADD. That’s a fake disease for people who can’t get things done. But the man asking the question was Dr. Norman Rosenthal, an icon in psychology. He was the man who wrote the […]