Monthly Archive: February 2015

Beyond the Keynote

Since my post on the end of guru culture, I’ve been thinking about emerging models for speakers. What would be engaging, interactive and dynamic that will go beyond the keynote speech? I didn’t find it, but it found me… Pearson asked me to have a conversation on stage with their Chief Communications Officer. The format […]

My First Stand-up Comedy Open Mic

I joined a stand up comedy class to improve my public speaking. Or perhaps I’m just taking on more fears because I have  to tell you – If you’re scared of public speaking, stand-up makes a speech feel like your own Bar Mitzvah. My first time in class I bombed. And I felt depressed afterward. […]

Organizational Culture drives great movies and TV

At my 20-year high school reunion I ran into a friend who is now a director. When I told him about my work he said culture means everything for a great production. I was surprised. I thought the industry was driven by great individual talents. I thought great culture would be a “nice to have” but […]

Google embraces “Share What You Want to Keep.”

As I talk about in the Culture Blueprint, companies that share their culture processes freely with the world ironically strengthen their competitive advantage. Here is the latest example from Google. They are sharing their sprint design process in a new book. Sprints will be a growing buzzword. It comes from the agile world. The idea is that […]