Monthly Archive: March 2015

Everything you know about change management is wrong.

Everything you know about change management is wrong. (Part 1) In 1996, John Kotter rocked the business world with his international bestseller, Leading Change. Considered by many to be the seminal work in the field of change management, his 8-step process (outlined below), gave meaning and order to what felt like pure chaos through any […]

The Culture Hackers Podcast

I’m proud to announce the Culture Hackers Podcast (more on Culture Hackers, click here). This is where I have real, uncensored, open conversations with fascinating people in culture. You can hear our most recent episode below. I hope you’ll subscribe here!

A Culture of Exhaustion

The Washington Post reports on the trend of exhaustion in the article “Exhaustion is Not a Status Symbol.” An excerpt here: It’s the whole adage of doing more with less. To be really honest with you, I don’t think it’s doable. The expectations of what we can get done, and how well we can do […]