Monthly Archive: June 2015

The Truth about Fear and Comfort Zones

“People are always saying to get out of your comfort zone,” said Neal Rogin, my friend and stand-up comedian.  “That sounds horrible. I love my comfort zone. In fact, there are many parts of my comfort zone I haven’t even explored yet!” It’s funny and yet I realized: My comfort zone is actually not that […]

The Counter Intuitive Way to Reward People

I was teaching a high-end mastermind of entrepreneurs and the subject of bonuses and raises came up. After much discussion, we all came to one surprising solution… Keep it random. Certain things should be entitlements. People are entitled to a salary. People are entitled to benefits. But when I see companies give bonuses every year, […]

Are you hiring for the right team?

In my book, the Culture Blueprint, I go over how to structure a hiring program. More and more I’ve found that diversity on a team is key. I spoke with an entrepreneur who only realized that he had hired people exactly like him once he had them all take the DISC personality test. There are […]

Share what you want to keep (and grow)

When I was a culture strategist at Zappos, I learned that culture becomes a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop when it’s shared. So the the tours and free culture books refresh the culture when people come in with appreciation, energy and new ideas. This concept of “Share what you want to keep” is going to keep […]