Monthly Archive: August 2015

The Best Companies Share…

When we experience abundance, we want to share. Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, started the largest foundation in the world. But sharing isn’t just about money. For companies, it’s about sharing what we’ve learned, and the most successful and innovative companies know it. Netflix shares its culture deck and its evolving policies. […]

To be a leader, be a great host

I had the honor of podcasting with Mark McKergow, author of Host. This is the most compelling leadership philosophy I’ve heard. It completely aligns withe culture of the network age.  You can listen to the whole podcast here.

Culture must be experienced.

There’s a certain irony to giving speeches and writing books as a “culture expert” because culture must be experienced to believe it. Robert James Waller said it best when he was talking about romance… I looked up the definition of romance in several dictionaries. As I guessed, reading the definitions of romance is about the […]