Monthly Archive: January 2016

The Interview Hack

We’ve all had it happen… Someone does amazingly well in an interview and then they turn out to be a not-so-great hire and they don’t help the culture. So how can we prevent that? When you’re clear on your core values, you can then design interview questions based on those values. Ideally they’re questions that […]

The #1 Culture Hack

NOTE: This blog is the #1 overall hack, for the #1 HIRING HACK, please click here. “Don’t talk about how to hack culture! That will scare corporate clients!” That’s what people told me. They were so wrong! The bigger the company, the more they want the hacks. Why? Because hacking is all about empowering anyone […]

The power of funny images

Let’s face it. Our culture communicates more with images than words. And we can use that to our advantage. I’ve noticed that at strong company cultures people are often using images to say what they mean, and the images break through much better than any words. Take this image… This was sent to me with […]