Monthly Archive: May 2017

5 Most Engaging Ways to Use Social Media

Granted, this is coming from a guy who spends very little time on social media, but I think that’s actually an advantage. It seems that people crushing it in social media are very clear on who they are and what they value (Once again, it’s all about values). This all came to me in just a few […]

Move Slow to Gain Speed

“The fastest way to move cattle is sloooooowww.” Hearing this quote it hit me that maybe moving fast can actually be harmful. A friend posted about how amazing it was that Google created a Google Glass prototype within a day of the idea.  Hmmm… That’s a good innovation story if it were not such a […]

Values are Back

I sometimes call values the “Health Food” of business – It’s what we all know we should do, but aren’t really doing. Mostly because companies have not taken the time to simply figure out what their real values are. But seeing stories like this in Fast Company, and noticing how both the strongest brands and […]