Monthly Archive: March 2018

The Secret of the Family Business

When I’m with a group of leaders and managers, there’s often one from a family business. They are the ones who throw me a curveball. Their culture questions are very different from the rest of the group. The conversation ends pretty quickly once I give them the answer they are not expecting. I say: “Family […]

Adding Friction to Onboard Customers and Employees

I just signed up for a Virtual Assistant Service. They made it easy on me, by making it challenging. What? Yes. Stay with me here… They could have simply given me a button that said, “Sign up here.” Then they could have taken my money. Yes, that would have been an “easy” process. But how […]

Do you have counter-balancing values?

In the Culture Blueprint I talk about how culture is related to systems theory.  There are feedback loops (culture feeds on itself). Here are the two kinds and why you should know about them: 1. Reinforcing Loops These are the values you want to be known for. You want reinforce behaviors that support these values. […]