Category: Culture of Chaos

The Secret of the Family Business

When I’m with a group of leaders and managers, there’s often one from a family business. They are the ones who throw me a curveball. Their culture questions are very different from the rest of the group. The conversation ends pretty quickly once I give them the answer they are not expecting. I say: “Family […]

Culture-enhancing drugs?

When Lance Armstrong got to Europe for his first Tour de France, he quickly realized he had to either start doping or accept losing to those who did. It was a different game. Could corporate America go the same direction? It’s possible. Silicon Valley executives have long been known to take modafinil (brand name Provigil) to gain a […]

Culture in the Campaign

(click to tweet) From a culture standpoint, there are remarkable similarities between the original Obama campaign and that of Trump. Most of what we know about culture is actually artifacts of culture. They are the language, signs and symbols that resonate on such a deep emotional level that they shape our present and our future. […]

Everything you know about change management is wrong.

Everything you know about change management is wrong. (Part 1) In 1996, John Kotter rocked the business world with his international bestseller, Leading Change. Considered by many to be the seminal work in the field of change management, his 8-step process (outlined below), gave meaning and order to what felt like pure chaos through any […]