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Adding Friction to Onboard Customers and Employees

I just signed up for a Virtual Assistant Service. They made it easy on me, by making it challenging. What? Yes. Stay with me here… They could have simply given me a button that said, “Sign up here.” Then they could have taken my money. Yes, that would have been an “easy” process. But how […]

The Great Culture Equalizer

It used to take me weeks to figure out a culture. I would spend a lot of time with the company and then write a long report about what’s going on. Now I can quickly diagnose a culture with this question: “Are people on time for meetings and do they end on time?” For culture […]

Progression: The Key to Sustained Culture

One of the biggest challenges I hear from top performing cultures is how to keep their talent. In fact, some have speculated that the old adage, “People don’t quit companies, they quit their managers” is no longer true. Top companies know that the key to keeping people is a strong progression plan, but they don’t […]

The Culture Coffee Hack

In the last blog post I talked about how drugs could impact corporate culture. Well, it turns out the best culture drug is very available and very legal. Most people actually use it, but I wouldn’t say they use it correctly. It’s called coffee. Quick story: There was a company from Mexico that visited the Zappos […]

Culture-enhancing drugs?

When Lance Armstrong got to Europe for his first Tour de France, he quickly realized he had to either start doping or accept losing to those who did. It was a different game. Could corporate America go the same direction? It’s possible. Silicon Valley executives have long been known to take modafinil (brand name Provigil) to gain a […]

The #1 Culture Hack

NOTE: This blog is the #1 overall hack, for the #1 HIRING HACK, please click here. “Don’t talk about how to hack culture! That will scare corporate clients!” That’s what people told me. They were so wrong! The bigger the company, the more they want the hacks. Why? Because hacking is all about empowering anyone […]

The 3 Lessons I Keep Learning

1. Follow the energy When I was 60K in debt from a failed business, depressed and low on hope I invested my time in something that made no financial sense… I became a spinning instructor. I had always wanted to be one since high school. I loved the combination of DJ, coach and speaker. So much time was […]

Recipe for a “Hell Yeah!”

“It’s either a Hell Yeah, or it’s a No.” – Derek Sivers. I’ve found this quote to be a great decision making tool. We have so many choices of how to spend our time, money and energy. So why do anything less than a “Hell Yeah!”? Not only can it be hard to say No […]

Beyond the Keynote

Since my post on the end of guru culture, I’ve been thinking about emerging models for speakers. What would be engaging, interactive and dynamic that will go beyond the keynote speech? I didn’t find it, but it found me… Pearson asked me to have a conversation on stage with their Chief Communications Officer. The format […]

Reducing stress, increasing revenue

“What?! There is absolutely NO way.” This was my answer to the question, “Do you have ADD?” I could not have Adult ADD. That’s a fake disease for people who can’t get things done. But the man asking the question was Dr. Norman Rosenthal, an icon in psychology. He was the man who wrote the […]