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The Real Purpose of Your To-Do List

You think it’s to Get Stuff Done, right? Wrong. That’s actually a by-product of a well-done system.  I’ve had to learn this the hard way, so hear me out… First, basic systems theory states that the purpose of a system is not the design of a system. The purpose of a system is determined by […]

Culture-enhancing drugs?

When Lance Armstrong got to Europe for his first Tour de France, he quickly realized he had to either start doping or accept losing to those who did. It was a different game. Could corporate America go the same direction? It’s possible. Silicon Valley executives have long been known to take modafinil (brand name Provigil) to gain a […]

The 3 Lessons I Keep Learning

1. Follow the energy When I was 60K in debt from a failed business, depressed and low on hope I invested my time in something that made no financial sense… I became a spinning instructor. I had always wanted to be one since high school. I loved the combination of DJ, coach and speaker. So much time was […]

What You Really Want is Clarity (and how to get it)

There’s one word I keep hearing at companies when they express their desires. It’s like the holy grail people are seeking. What people want most, whether leaders or workers, is this: Clarity And what’s interesting is I see this most in companies that are successful! Successful companies have a plethora of opportunities, choices and options. And so […]

The Epic CEO Hack (or, the cheapest innovation tool)

An innovation hack is an action that is “low input, high output.” That means it takes very little investment, but the gains are tremendous. I watch for the hacks of effective CEO’s and this one is shared by both the late Steve Jobs and Tony Hsieh. Innovation Hack: Walks. Yes. That simple. They go for […]

Productivity Hack: Hack the Wifi

I’m at a coffee house, and the wifi is down. Awesome. No, seriously. Awesome! Now I can actually get stuff done. My friend Dawn, author of Small Footprint Family, had her internet connection go out completely at her house this week. A few hours la…