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Invite people to opt-out

What happens when you’re ready for a culture change, but you know that your company is not. What can a leader do or say in this position? Once the culture standards (values) are determined, the leader must absolutely live by example. There’s no way around that. But that can take time. What can the leader […]

The quick culture diagnostic

Sure you can do assessments, polling the whole organization, tracking it over time. But there’s a quick test you can use to determine if you’re in a company with a strong culture. When people speak about the the company, do they use the word “we” or do they use the word “they?” When it’s “we,” clearly […]

3 Steps to a Culture Change

Here are the three key steps to any culture change. 1. Are you sure you have the right people? If not, either lose the ones that must go, or fully commit to who you have. 2. Do you have clear expectations? Do people understand what constitutes a fireable offense? What is required and what is optional? […]

The Reverse Beta

Everyone knows about the “beta test” – try something new and see how it goes. (For a more prescriptive process, see the Beta Blueprint chapter in my book, The Culture Blueprint). But even easier is the “Reverse Beta.” This is the exact opposite. Try stopping something that may not be working. For example, at one […]

How to Play with Employee Evaluations

There is more and more research about how play is important for innovation, and the place where it’s needed most in culture is evaluations. This is a major source of frustration and I know the best companies are still figuring it out. A bold leap in adding play to evaluations comes from Medium. Check out […]

The end of Guru culture

This may be considered sacrilege in my business, but I am stating that within the next few years, you will not need experts like me. Of course, we’ll still be around. But think of it this way – rock music is still here, but in the current culture it does not have anywhere near the […]

The Critical Inflection Point

As the rate of change increases in speed, you may notice that your company is at a critical inflection point. This is a moment in time where something bad might happen if the organization does not stop to think. There are many reasons for it – you’re growing fast, you’re thinking about a new product, […]

Culture of Disruption

Disruption is the elegant hack in business. It’s how companies outdo the competition. It’s how start-ups overthrow long established brands. And cultures that foster disruption will consistently lead the pack. Netflix is a great example. They saw the delta, the weakness to exploit. Blockbuster customers were irate about late fees, which were exacerbated by the […]

Culture Blueprint at Rackspace

Rackspace recently created a video about their culture. To those of you who received an advance copy of the Culture Blueprint, you may recognize a few concepts! They have ordered the book for all of their HR department. Of course, Rackspace had a great culture before reading the book, but they’re using it to continue […]