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It’s not the software

You’ve probably heard this one… The story about the company that was so excited to bring in the new intranet software so they could finally get everyone on the same page, share knowledge, stay up to date and unify the company, and then… no one used it. Something happened when we started using the word […]

The Secret of the Family Business

When I’m with a group of leaders and managers, there’s often one from a family business. They are the ones who throw me a curveball. Their culture questions are very different from the rest of the group. The conversation ends pretty quickly once I give them the answer they are not expecting. I say: “Family […]

Do you have counter-balancing values?

In the Culture Blueprint I talk about how culture is related to systems theory.  There are feedback loops (culture feeds on itself). Here are the two kinds and why you should know about them: 1. Reinforcing Loops These are the values you want to be known for. You want reinforce behaviors that support these values. […]

The Latest Culture Shiny Object

(graphic source) The latest fascination on the edge of management is “Going Teal.” You can learn about it from the article and from the graphic. I’m only going to make one basic point I’ve seen everyone leave out: You can’t go straight to Teal. Notice that what is listed in every other level is still […]

What is your key differentiator value?

I know it can feel heavy and loaded when we talk about core values. It’s like the health food of both personal and corporate development. It’s absolutely necessary yet people don’t get excited about it. Here’s how you can… Think about your values this way. There are three kinds: 1. Integrity: The cost of entry 2. Core […]

What You Really Want is Clarity (and how to get it)

There’s one word I keep hearing at companies when they express their desires. It’s like the holy grail people are seeking. What people want most, whether leaders or workers, is this: Clarity And what’s interesting is I see this most in companies that are successful! Successful companies have a plethora of opportunities, choices and options. And so […]

2014 Year in Review

Rather than new year’s resolutions, I pick themes. They provide enough direction to keep me on track, but enough space for the year to evolve. Past themes included: Service, Community, and Culture. (Webster’s actually called culture the word of the year!) The 2014 Theme: Relevant This word comes up for me a lot, and I […]

Accountability is a Skill, not a Value

If someone says they will do something and they don’t, then the result can be a lot of hurt. If you think of any time you’ve been hurt, I’m sure it was when your expectation was not met. If you have an organization made up of people who do not do what they say they […]

Do you have a healthy sense of drama?

The word “drama” has gotten such a bad wrap. People say they want less drama in their lives and their relationships, and yet we emotionally crave it. Just take a look at our fascination with shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Wire, The Sopranos …