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It’s not the software

You’ve probably heard this one… The story about the company that was so excited to bring in the new intranet software so they could finally get everyone on the same page, share knowledge, stay up to date and unify the company, and then… no one used it. Something happened when we started using the word […]

Move Slow to Gain Speed

“The fastest way to move cattle is sloooooowww.” Hearing this quote it hit me that maybe moving fast can actually be harmful. A friend posted about how amazing it was that Google created a Google Glass prototype within a day of the idea.  Hmmm… That’s a good innovation story if it were not such a […]

The Latest Culture Shiny Object

(graphic source) The latest fascination on the edge of management is “Going Teal.” You can learn about it from the article and from the graphic. I’m only going to make one basic point I’ve seen everyone leave out: You can’t go straight to Teal. Notice that what is listed in every other level is still […]

Recipe for a “Hell Yeah!”

“It’s either a Hell Yeah, or it’s a No.” – Derek Sivers. I’ve found this quote to be a great decision making tool. We have so many choices of how to spend our time, money and energy. So why do anything less than a “Hell Yeah!”? Not only can it be hard to say No […]

Reducing stress, increasing revenue

“What?! There is absolutely NO way.” This was my answer to the question, “Do you have ADD?” I could not have Adult ADD. That’s a fake disease for people who can’t get things done. But the man asking the question was Dr. Norman Rosenthal, an icon in psychology. He was the man who wrote the […]

2014 Year in Review

Rather than new year’s resolutions, I pick themes. They provide enough direction to keep me on track, but enough space for the year to evolve. Past themes included: Service, Community, and Culture. (Webster’s actually called culture the word of the year!) The 2014 Theme: Relevant This word comes up for me a lot, and I […]

Playing Big Can Look Small

I’ve seen it time and again… the desire for growth can kill a company. Friendster was set to take over the world. It was based on a simple concept – rather than online dating, people could meet each other through friends of friends. It became the first major social network, and now it’s all but […]

Branson on Thinking Big

Branson on Thinking Big In this article, Richard Branson says everything comes down to two things: Culture and Service. “We had accidentally stumbled on the core elements of a culture dedicated to delivering great customer service! It turned out that people who work in a friendly environment that is tolerant of mistakes, and who are […]