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Culture Hacking

Systems, networks, programming, code, big data – These concepts started out in tech, but they are quickly shifting our culture. Perhaps the most dangerous and powerful agent in this world is the hacker – one individual who can bring down an entire network. But what if hacking skills could be used to positively shift a culture?

Robert Richman, former culture strategist at, worked with thousands of companies who would come to Zappos to learn about culture. They would be overwhelmed by the systems (recruiting, training, management, leadership, engagement) and believed it would take years of effort to make a difference.

It was out of this frustration that he developed the tools for culture hacking – How to make a shift fast, with very few resources.

In this interactive workshop and facilitated conversation, Robert works with teams on:

1) The core principles of culture
2) The techniques of culture hacking
3) Culture Alchemy – Turning frustrations into gold

This is not about learning and then doing it later. Culture shifts, right there in the room.