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“We hired Robert to lead our off-site event and he built trust quickly with our team. He taught us how to run the most effective meetings and keep them focused and engaging. People appreciate Robert giving them a platform to be heard and felt empowered throughout the meeting. Many came back to the office and followed through with their action items from our time together. If you’re interested in a strong, productive culture that gets results, I highly recommend hiring Robert Richman.”

Brent Sheffield
President and Chief Executive Officer

Available culture strategy meetings and workshops:

Culture Hacking

After years of working at and meeting with many of the top company cultures in the world, Robert distills his expertise and shares what really drives culture and how people can become “Culture Hackers” – taking high leverage action to shift culture immediately. The experience begins as a speech then quickly turns into an energetic conversation discussing your culture and hacking it right there on the spot. Problems can be solved before even getting back to the office, and people walk away as culture experts with new ideas and tools to implement them.

Open Space Strategy

The smartest people in the room are your own people. So why should strategy be determined by only the top brass or an outside consultant? Using principles of high performance and self-organization, Robert creates a game that lets the group to focus on what they are most passionate about then follow up with recorded insights and action items. Tony Hsieh had Robert use this this as the opening event for his Downtown Project’s off site and many team members called it the most productive time they had ever spent on the company. Robert has also facilitated Open Space for Intuit and BNI.

High Performance Improv

The rate of change is happening so quickly that the best teams are those that can act fast, work in sync, drive results and… have fun doing it! Taking the principles of improv comedy, Robert and his team train your team for high performance in a way that pushes people out of their comfort zone while creating a very space safe to have fun. High performance improv is only available to teams that are already high-functioning. Before booking, leadership must have a brief conversation with Robert to make sure that team’s culture is ready for the experience.

Obstacle Breakthrough

Culture is all about engagement, even if it’s “negative.” So if a team has a challenge, a threat, or a frustration, then this is the perfect time to leverage that energy and catapult the team into action. In a safe way, Robert has the team indulge in the negative to unearth what is really there. Then the team focuses on current strengths and assets, finally moving into new opportunities. Simultaneously team building, the result is a breakthrough in connection and performance. Robert had Google Europe engage this process when they wanted to increase their customer service ratings.

One-on-One Sessions

Robert Richman has been a leadership and executive coach for almost 10 years. He received his training at Georgetown University. Robert’s one-on-one sessions use provocative questions, brainstorming, role-playing and white boarding. It’s like having your own personal right-hand man when you need it.