Robbe is an extremely gifted speaker, strategist and entrepreneur. He has an incredible ability to analyze a system and determine where its weaknesses, inflection points, challenges and opportunities are. He also does this with individuals: by acting as an effective mirror, Robbe helps them quickly cut through to the root cause of their problems (real or perceived) and uncover hidden opportunities. Few people can see the world from an angle the way Robbe can, and I’m deeply grateful for his coaching and guidance as I navigated a highly complex, adaptive system and made sense of my unique opportunity to impact the system by unleashing my intuitive gifts and abilities.

Amy Doescher

Robert led an event with members of the Chief of Staff Network, sharing some of the key learnings that he covers in his Culture MBA program. Robert actively listened as Chiefs of Staff shared their challenges and he responded thoughtfully with tangible examples and suggested action steps. We got a ton of value from his insights and the feedback all around was overwhelmingly positive!

Scott Amenta
Founder, Chief of Staff Network

“I was one of 4000 store managers and corporate employees who saw Robert Richman speak and I was blown away. His insights and humor were so engaging, and he surprised us by giving us the entire Culture Blueprint audio book for free. I immediately listened to it on the way home and I’ve already started thinking like a culture hacker. I realized the importance of leading by example, and I’m empowering my team to act as culture hackers.”

Suzanne Sully-Pniewski
Lowe’s Store Manager, Buffalo, NY
“I brought Robbe in to speak to 1200 high performers at our annual Biohacking Conference. He delivered a world class keynote on the Xpill and an interactive experience that had everyone buzzing. If you want to help your people get to the next level & you’re looking for an exciting outside the box solution, I highly recommend Robbe Richman’s Xpill keynote & breakout experience.”
Dave Asprey
CEO, Bulletproof Coffee

“We have been working together for 3 years now. You pushed me in ways that I was uncomfortable with, but in hindsight it was exactly what I needed. You taught me how to ask the right questions and to look at the business in a very different way. You have helped me become a better leader than I already was. And my success is in no small part due to what we’ve done together.”

Jonathan Green
Director HQ Customer Service Operations, Verizon

“A lot of people who attended are still talking about you. Great job! The experience was AWESOME and ACHIEVED!! Thanks so much for totally blowing my expectation clear out of the water!”

Beena Patel
Toyota Financial Services, U.S. HQ

“A fantastic experience… His examples of service and how to make immediate impact on the team were awesome… I can’t recommend Robert enough!”

Richard Findlay
VP, Whole Foods

“Thank you so much for speaking at our conference. In 8 years of the “Facilitating Leadership in Excellence” event, you were the BEST! I will be getting your information and I will work on making a cultural paradigm shift with our dealership teams! Your energy and passion stirred up revival! BRAVO!!!”

Cheryl Bauman
Facilitator in Standards for Excellent, GM

“When we booked Robert, we knew that his content and delivery would be impressive. Little did we know he was going to revolutionize the way each one of us perceives and engages in our own company culture. From Executive Management to employees at every level within our HQ office, we have seen extremely positive, radical changes in tactics, across-the-board attitude, willingness to engage in the co-creation of strategies and solutions, and the way we conduct day-to-day business.”

Ivan Meisner
CEO Business Networking International (BNI)

“Rob is a fantastic, dynamic speaker. His speech was a turning point in the conference because after he spoke, the word “revolution” came up in many conversations afterward, and we felt alive with possibilities. Rob has always made himself available for follow-up calls and to help us refine both our thinking and our business model.”

Traci Fenton
Founder & CEO, WorldBlu

“Rob said something during his talk at the Biohacker’s conference that struck me to the core… Content doesn’t shift people, experiences do. As an entrepreneur in the wellness space, I feel like this is the thing that so many of us have been missing. We’re so keen to deliver evidence-based products, we forget to connect to our clients with what makes us human – our fears, our hopes, and our dreams. Thank you, Rob, for the reminder of how best to create impact and achieve real transformation.”

Raewyn Guerrero
Founder, Well Works

“Rob is a fantastic, dynamic speaker. His speech was a turning point in the conference and we felt alive with possibilities. Since then, Rob has always made himself available for follow-up calls, and consistently offers questions and advice to help us refine both our thinking and our business model.”

Shawnee Mora
Director, Designs For Health

“Robert helped me see through the weeds to the importance of how someone could really help bring the core values of their company to life, but it wasn’t just one person, but creating a movement. Anyone working with Robert will see instant impact if you keep and open mind and really want to create change!”

Scott Pansky
Partner, Co-Founder Allison & Partners

“Over the last ten years, I’ve booked nearly 100 speakers for my trade association. I can count on one hand the number of speakers that were as well received as Robert Richman. He’s passionate and articulate about building company culture, and he quickly engaged our crowd. He was well prepared for our specific needs, and tailored his presentation to my industry. The response to Robert’s presentation was so strong that I’m re-booking him to expand on his initial presentation.”

Paul Charchian
President FTSA

“Robert sees the world through a different perspective that has completely transformed our product solution and approach. I can whole-heartedly say that I am a better leader and person after having Robert’s advisement and amazing personality bless our business. Thank you so much Robert!”

Anna Straus
Co-Founder & CEO Sparck

“Robbe’s magic is his innate curiosity. When he’s leading an improv session, he’s helping people push their own boundaries. When he’s inventing the world’s first commercial placebo pill, he’s exploring the power of guided intention. When he’s playing with puppets, he’s testing with new modes of communication models. Robbe is always experimenting with new cultures and experiences so he can bring creative, interesting solutions to his clients.”

Clay Hebert
Founder of Take Back Perfect

“This book is one of the most interesting and comprehensive business guides I’ve ever read—and I’ve read quite a few. I can’t even imagine starting a business today, without The Culture Blueprint by my side. Get your hands on it! I personally guarantee you’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Dorfman
Host of We Mean Business!

“No business book has ever brought me to such a highly emotional state that I have had tears welling up in my eyes. Your book has had that effect on me. Why? Because it creates practical and implementable methods and processes and hope that many people can have deeply meaningful and rewarding work. That includes CEO’s, C level executives, and all the way through to the new hire, and on to it’s customers and shareholders.”

Gordon McDougall
Partner, Tezi Advisory

“Rob Richman is a world-class speaker and culture creator. To learn the innovation keys he developed at Zappos, I highly recommend his leadership blueprint for success.”

Cliff Michaels
Author of The 4 Essentials

“I read The Culture Blueprint and it transformed the way I think about my companies. I brought Robert in for a speech…he gave us an experience that became a catalyst moment. The teams not only saw the importance of a strong culture, they are now excited about it and realize it’s everyone’s responsibility, not just mine as CEO.”

James Wallace
CEO Scorpio Media